4 Ways A Concrete Pump Works With Any Project

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A concrete pump pours a San Francisco area street repair.

1. Improve Accessibility

In a perfect world, every job site would have spacious and clearly designated areas for vehicle traffic, including for moving volumetric concrete mixers in and out. But since accessibility is frequently an issue during concrete placement, a pump allows for improved access in a wide range of situations.

2. Increase Job Site Safety

For any job site, safety is always at the forefront of all activity. Concrete pumping reduces the amount of large equipment and heavy machinery moving, thus reducing the odds of an accident. Plus, the work area isn’t subjected to possible damage which in turn could harm equipment and/or workers.

3. Reduce Placement Costs

What if you could cut placement costs by nearly half on your next job site? Pouring with a chute requires up to five employees whereas using a pump generally uses three employees per job.

4. A Pump Works With Any Project

Large or small, in a bustling downtown area or a rural development, a concrete pump works with any project.

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