How LEED® Credits Provide Long-Term Savings

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Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED®, is the foremost way for a building, community, or other construction project to embody short- and long-term:

  • CO2 emissions reduction;
  • Energy savings;
  • Improved indoor environmental quality;
  • Stewardship of resources; and
  • Water efficiency.

If a project receives LEED® certification, it means the aforementioned metrics have been met using green building design and construction practices. At Bauman Landscape & Construction, we follow the San Francisco Green Building Code for every project along with LEED® guidelines and practices.

What Are LEED® Credits?

Based on a points system, these credits help a project reach one of four certification levels — Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Points base on how well different sustainable strategies are reached and are awarded for:

  • Energy and Atmosphere;
  • Indoor Environment Quality;
  • Materials and Resources;
  • Sustainable Sites; and
  • Water Efficiency.

Why Should I Work With A LEED®-Focused Company?

Because the efficiency and savings won’t stop once construction is finished. The overarching goal of a LEED®-focused company is for the designs and practices used to continually provide a return on investment.

FAQs About LEED®

Can I Pick & Choose Which Points My Project Earns?

Yes! While the overall goal is to create an efficient and sustainable project, it isn’t always feasible for all areas in every situation. But it’s important to remember certain prerequisites are still applicable if you’re trying to reach LEED® certification.

I Have A Private Project — Why Do I Want To Pursue LEED®?

While direct financial incentives are limited to public projects, those in the private sector can still reap the benefits of LEED® certification. These benefits include:

  • Higher property values;
  • Zoning allowances; and
  • Expedited lease-up rates.

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